Community Buyback


Keeping your investment in the community.

Community Buyback closes the connectivity gap in the communities of partner school corporations by offering the community members used devices at a discounted retail rate. Thanks to Community Buyback, schools recycle their retired devices and build their technology budgets while resources stay in the community.

Retired Devices Sold Back to Communities Since 2018

We Do ALL the Work!

Step 1 - We Pickup, Process, & Prep

  • We’ll put together an offer that includes wholesale and suggested resale values
  • We pick up the devices, clean, process, test, and prep them for sale
  • We work with you to set your sale dates

Step 2 - Marketing & Customer Service

  • Our marketing team builds a password Marketing Resource Toolkit for your district
  • Our Customer Care Team works with you and your community to answer questions and provide updates

Step 3 - Online Sale to Your Community

  • STS opens a custom online community sale page
  • We collect and remit sales tax, and track inventory
  • Sales typically last for one week.

Step 4 - We Deliver, Provide Warranties, and PAY You!

  • We ship all sold devices within 3-5 business days and provides purchasers with tracking details.
  • Devices are covered by a limited 30 day warranty
  • You receive a check via mail for your total sale + wholesale amount after the close of the sale

A Custom Site for Your Community Buyback Sale

We keep the process simple and ensure that your staff and/or the community can purchase your retired devices with ease. Check out what your community buyback sale could look like.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Frequently Asked Questions

Each physical address may order a maximum of 2 devices throughout the duration of the sale.

Secured Tech Solutions collects sales tax at the point of sale and remits in compliance with state law.

The customer pays shipping, which is calculated at checkout.

Yes, you will need to work with your Secured Tech Solutions contact to make these arrangements.

No, though we can ensure they are able to purchase the same model of their device, because of the triaging process we are unable to guarantee staff and students that they will receive “their” device.

No, you may keep your chargers. Secured Tech Solutions will offer customers the opportunity to purchase new cables and bricks with the purchase of their device(s).

The sale is open for 7 days

Please inquire with your STS Rep to discuss the logistics of the revenue share.

Revenue is based on the price of the device only; revenue does not include tax, shipping or any additional add-ons purchased.
Yes, you can! STS has many solutions for your 1:1 needs, and you can use the credit for any product or service we offer.

Currently Community Buyback is able to sell iPads and MacBooks (that update to the latest IOS/OS X) for sale to the community.

Yes, STS provides a limited 30-day warranty.

Secured Tech Solutions will handle all aspects of customer service including concerns post-purchase and warranty claims.

Checks are mailed approximately one week after the close of the online sale.

Inquire About Community Buyback

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