Software Solutions for Your District's Devices

We understand that navigating the digital landscape in K-12 education requires more than just software – it requires a dedicated partnership. With a deep commitment to serving as your trusted advisor, we take a consultative approach to help school districts find the most effective solutions tailored to their unique needs.

From classroom management tools to curriculum software and everything in between, we’re here to empower educators and administrators with the resources they need to enhance teaching and learning experiences.

Explore our range of solutions designed to streamline operations, boost efficiency, and ultimately, drive student success.

Software Partners

Content Filtering, Classroom Management, & Safety

Connect And Protect Students On Any Device

  • Content Keeper – Web Filtering and Security Platform for Schools. Unmatched Cross-Platform Protection in the Cloud.
    • The internet is a valuable resource for educational content, but it can also be harmful to student’s safety and wellbeing. Impero’s intelligent web filtering provides multiple layers of cross-platform intelligence that enable safety and security benefits, including real-time visibility, control of non-managed devices, filter circumvention and ransomware defense.
  • Impero – Classroom management software. Every learner, any environment. 
    • The internet is full of distractions, but our classroom management software makes it easy to maintain control and keep students focused.  Teachers can easily identify students who are off task and remove online distraction with real-time monitoring and restrict browsing functionality.
  • Impero WellBeing – Robust internet safety for schools, using keyword detection.
    • Student safety is fundamental. As students spend more time online for learning, the possibility for online harm increases. Impero Wellbeing provides a further level of internet safety for schools with powerful, keyword detection tools to capture, record and identify early warning signs of harmful online behavior.

Helping K-12 communities provide safe, secure, and equitable education—effortlessly.

  • Security & Compliance
    • Filter – Protect students from harmful online content.
      • Ensure CIPA compliance on every device, app, browser, operating system, and learning environment. Lightspeed Filter™, purpose-built for K-12 and powered by the most comprehensive database in the industry, protects students from inappropriate online content on- and off-campus network—virtually anywhere students are learning.
    • Digital Insight – Gain full visibility and control of edtech use across your district
      • Lightspeed Digital Insight™ empowers IT and instructional teams to gain full visibility and control of edtech usage across their district. View robust analytics, streamline data privacy management, simplify app approvals, and ensure equitable connectivity for all students.
  • Safety & Wellness
    • Alert – Prevent suicide, cyberbullying, and violence.
      • Prevent suicides, self-harm, cyberbullying, and school violence with early-warning threat detection software. Lightspeed Alert™ leverages patented AI technology to scan and flag concerning indicators within online documents, apps, email, chat messages, browsers, (and more) and sends alerts to designated district staff and highly-trained Lightspeed Safety Specialists—aiding in early intervention.
  • Engagement & Impact
    • Classroom Management – Create engaging learning environments anywhere.
      • Enhance the interactive classroom experience for any learning environment. Lightspeed Classroom Management™ gives teachers real-time visibility of student activity and control over their online workspaces. Teachers can see student screens, close distracting tabs, and push URLs to all students to keep students focused on exactly the right content—precisely when they’re supposed to be.
  • Scalable & Efficient
    • Mobile Device Management – Essential MDM for hybrid learning environments. 
      • Remotely manage student devices, apps, and policies. Lightspeed MDM allows users to remotely deploy, update, and revoke apps across student devices—even after it’s been issued—without having to physically handle the device. Track lost or stolen equipment, control hardware settings, reset passwords, and restrict access to protect your technology.

We help schools, districts and the communities they serve to keep children safe and thriving in their digital lives – in school, at home and everywhere in between.

  • Prevention & Enablement
    • Linewize School Manager – best-in-class filter and reporting platform that supports student wellbeing and digital citizenship.
    • Classwize – keeps teachers teaching and students safe and learning in the modern, digital classroom.
  • Early Detection & Intervention
    • Linewize Monitor – real-time, human moderated threat detection. Alerts designated staff to students whose digital behaviors indicate they may be at risk.  
    • Linewize Pulse – a 60 second, weekly student check-in solution. Gives vulnerable students a way to speak up, and schools the big data to make better wellbeing decisions.
  • Education & Engagement
    • Linewize Online Safety Hub – a dedicated resource of information and guidance to help schools and parents have more effective conversations with children about cyber safety. 
    • Qustodio – all-in-one parental control app. Working alone or as part of School Manager it helps parents keep their child’s screen time safe and balanced.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is the practice of effectively managing and securing mobile devices. It involves tracking and configuring devices remotely, distributing mobile applications, securing lost or stolen devices, and more.

  • Bring your own device (BYOD)
  • Multi-platform device management
  • Security and compliance
  • Zero-touch deployment
  • Device monitoring and tracking
  • Remote support and troubleshooting

Jamf’s purpose is to simplify work by helping organizations manage and secure an Apple experience that end users love and organizations trust. Jamf is the only company in the world that provides a complete management and security solution for an Apple-first environment that is enterprise secure, consumer simple and protects personal privacy.

Mosyle was initially founded as an iPad‑first Learning Management System provider. After hearing from our initial customers the frustration experienced with their legacy MDM providers, we decided to bring our K‑12 experience to the Apple MDM market.

After combining the ideal workflows common to K-12 software with all the potential of Apple’s MDM Protocol, we came up with a completely new approach to managing Apple devices in K‑12 and we called it Mosyle Manager.

District Services & School Data Integration

Simplifies student discipline management. Streamline teacher and staff discipline referrals, school administrator triage and incident management, and simplify state reporting with automatic incident sync.

simpldismissal – built to make student dismissal easier. Through web-based dismissal boards, students are dismissed efficiently and safely.

  • Automated rostering
  •  Single sign-on
    • Google SSO
    • Clever
    • ClassLink
  • Desktop and mobile ready

Ticketing Systems

From help desk ticketing and IT asset management to facilities work orders and beyond, the Incident IQ platform is revolutionizing the way school districts provide and manage services.

IT Asset Management 

Device and Asset Deployment

  • Get learning devices in student hands quickly with advanced tools built to handle K-12 deployments.

Inventory Management

  • Keep tabs on every device district-wide with an unrivaled level of detail.

IT Asset Management Reports

  • Use dozens of data-points to generate live-updating reports that keep everyone in the loop.

Remote Asset Management

  • Whether you’re on-site or working remote, iiQ Assets has your team covered.

Inventory Audits

  • Efficiently conduct device audits with smart scheduling and versatile verification tools.

IT Help Desk

Quickly Submit Help Tickets

  • Empower users to submit help requests in seconds. Pre-made support flows make ticket creation a snap.

Manage Help Tickets

  • Assign, work, and manage tickets with powerful workflows and automated actions.

Integrate Asset Data

  • Integrate help ticketing and asset data for a complete support experience.

Monitor Service Trends

  • Keep an eye on support trends and response times with detailed analytics.

Manage Remote Support

  • Provide superior IT support with tools built for distance learning environments.

Facilities Management

Streamline Work Orders

  • Assign, manage, and get work orders done with powerful tools and automations.

Plan Preventative Maintenance

  • Oversee preventative maintenance projects with easy-to-use, customizable workflows.

Track Inventory

  • Reliably track part usage and labor costs down to the individual work order.

Generate Maintenance Reports

  • See a breakdown of key metrics and team performance with detailed analytics.

Manage Event Planning

  • Manage district events with tools built for K-12 facilities teams.

Event Management

Streamline Event Registration

  • Customizable registration forms prevent double-booking and capture the info that building teams need.

Approve Event Requests

  • Give the go-ahead by building single or multi-stage event approval workflows.

Prepare For Upcoming Events

  • Once an event is approved, get ready by building workflows that automatically send preparation tasks to the appropriate teams.

Stay Synced with Event Calendars

  • See upcoming events at-a-glance, or build custom views that display events relevant to your area of operation.

HR Service Delivery

Onboard District Employees

  • Get out of your inbox, keep everything organized, and automatically assign tasks to the right employee or department.

Create and Distribute HR Forms

  • Design custom forms, digitally distribute and collect documents, and export completed paperwork with Form Designer.

Manage HR Help Requests

  • Eliminate drive-by requests and provide K-12 district staff with an easy-to-use portal to submit HR support requests.

View HR Analytics

  • Improve the performance of your K-12 HR department with relevant data that matters to your team.

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We are committed to helping school districts meet the demands of their growing technology needs, while making the process hassle-free for schools and parents.