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As an authorized reseller of many incredible software solutions, we take pride in matching you with the solutions your school needs. Come explore Filewave, LineWize and One2One Manager and learn how these solutions can improve the online environment for your school system.

Software We Offer

A pioneer in multi-platform endpoint management, FileWave® was founded in 1992. Offering a single management solution for apps, devices, and configurations for Mac, Windows, iOS, tvOS, Android, Chrome and mobile, FileWave® gives IT the ability to proactively and automatically provision and maintain every device from anywhere in the world. Multi-platform challenges may be new to most companies, but we have been doing this for over 25 years. With a vision to be the most innovative, comprehensive, and customer-driven unified endpoint management software, FileWave® makes multi-platform endpoint management simple.

Linewize is a web content filtering software geared towards k-12 grades. This software works on all devices and is cloud based. One of the many tools provided by this software is Classwize, a tool created for teachers that allows them to have full screen visibility as well as control over the students devices. There is also a Family Zone tool that allows parents to view their students browsing activity in a report. Additionally, the Monitor tool will detect any harmful, risky, violent or bullying type behavior that is typed onto the device.

One2One Manager makes repairing and managing devices a breeze. This multi-pronged device management system includes tools for asset management, student assignment, incident reports, incident and behavior tracking, reporting, district-developed workflows, and notification capabilities, allowing for automated emails to be sent to parents for incident creation and completion. One2One Manager integrates with multiple district SIS. Learn21, the parents company of One2One Manager, is a nonprofit agency that provides cost-effective instructional technology support, services, and software solutions to educational organizations.

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