Accidental Damage Protection

Customized Protection to Fit Your District's Devices

Secured Tech Solutions is proud to offer underwritten ADP that can be customized to fit any ecosystem. 

Whether you have Apple devices or Chromebooks, want to send off repairs, or self-maintain, STS has a solution that’s right for you. 

STS Plan Options

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Parts Closet ADP

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What's Covered


Resulting in cracked screens and/or broken internal parts.

Liquid Damage

Spills, splashes, or full immersion. 

Accidental Damage

Outside of wear from usual use.

Theft, Robbery, or Burglary

Device is securely stored and is stolen. 

Police Report is required.

Coverage Transfers to New Devices

If we have to replace your device after an ADP claim, coverage transfers to your new device. 

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Trusted In-House Repairs

Devices covered by Secured Tech Solutions’ ADP follow our simple repair process for repairs and there is no charge to you – charges are filed directly with the insurance company. If devices are deemed unrepairable (total loss), you receive a check for the value of the device.