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Let STS handle your electronic recycling needs, with our COMPLIMENTARY White Glove Tech Recycling Service.

Our team does all the work, so you don’t have to.

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Solution Details and FAQs

We offer a complimentary full-service white glove pickup to area schools that partner with STS on computer buyback and recycling. Our uniformed team will do all packing and loading. We do have some guidelines for the free pickup to ensure the best service and competitive buyback pricing.

We accept any electronic or scrap metal item. Basically anything with a cord will be accepted. All items are accepted for free with a computer recycling and buyback program.

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  • The recycling and buyback devices need to be separated and labeled for proper packing and label. Please ensure any items not intended for the pickup are labeled.
  • We can provide pallets and gaylords for you to load and store items between pickups.

STS offers a competitive computer buyback and scrap program. Your STS Contact can provide additional details on buyback vs. scrap computers.

STS will provide a certificate of destruction with a list of serial numbers for computers devices processed following the pickup. Total load weight will also be available.

  • Computer devices that have not reached the end of their lifecycle will be sanitized and resold to schools and communities that are looking for affordable one to one device options.
  • Scrap computers will have hard drives removed and shredded for data safety. The unit will be dismantled to extract the value of the materials.
  • Non-data containing electronics will be dismantled to recycle by parts and commodities.

The Secured Technology Solutions driver will bring all supplies needed for the pickup including carts, pallet jack, pallets, gaylord boxes and wrap.

The STS box truck can hold approximately 12 standard size pallets. Some pallets can be double stacked if a forklift is available. The pickup team is specialized in packing and loading electronics to maximize space.

Your STS Contact will connect you with the Buyback & Recycling Specialist for scheduling. 

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